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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Your brand is a living thing, in constant negotiation with your customer base and, more broadly, shifts in culture. A brand uses elements such as logos, color palettes, websites, and tone attributes as anchor points to help align a customer's experience with your company's vision. Crafting a brand strategy is a complex process; together, we'll discover your company's ins-and-outs and develop an overarching strategy and design system to bring your brand to life.

Client updated product line and was seeking a complete rebranding strategy that better reflected the firm's philosophy and expanded customer base. Scope included a full rebrand, new website design, and marketing materials.

Client was looking to relaunch their educational exchange with new course and program offerings. We provided a comprehensive brand refresh that included new logo system, website, client dashboard, e-commerce updates, database maintenance, marketing materials, educational course workbooks, and weekly analytics.

This logo concept (words replaced with latin) was inspired by 17th century family crests and 18th and 19th century shipping logos and illustrations. The client's brand had nautical themes and wanted to present a vintage look. Elements from this logo have been salvaged and digitized from actual historic labels.

Custom Websites

Custom Websites

The internet is over-polluted with cookie-cutter, templated designs. We'll build you a custom website from the inside-out that solves problems and drives sales. Deliverables include:

  • Strategy guidelines
  • Content curation
  • Responsive & accessible web design
  • UI/UX
  • Web development
  • Maintenance package or handoff documentation
  • SEO
  • Hosting options

Client needed a website for marketing and compliance purposes. Website showcases a video header to grab user's attention. The website also dynamically updates hundreds of data points everyday through an API. Some data points are represented graphically with interactive charts. Brand identity was also included.

Client needed an expedited website (within one month) to showcase their new product. Using elements from other websites that we've built in the past and customizing them to this client's brand allowed us to speed up the design process. Website showcases a Press Release section built with a custom post type, pop-up modals, and dynamic content.

Client sought a new website to go with their full rebrand. The website features micro-interactions and a blog built with a custom post type. We also oversaw the content creation on this site.

Print Design

Print Design

We offer a wide array of graphic design services, from one-off projects to a full suite of collateral for your marketing campaigns. The list below is just a sample. If there are other pieces you need developed, reach out and tell us about it.

  • Brochures
  • Marketing collateral
  • Corporate/internal documents
  • Training materials
  • Letterheads
  • Business Cards
  • Catalog

Client requested a white paper detailing best practices in adult learning. The document was part of a broader consulting agreement with the client, wherein our team conducted research now used to help train instructors at our client's organization.

Client (based near Lake Tahoe) sought a newsletter detailing organizational updates and upcoming events. We helped draft positioning statements for the client and incorporated a soothing color palette inspired by images of Tahoe.

Client was preparing to launch a new program and needed a marketing brochure. We worked with the client to create a bold aesthetic that reflected the client's attitude toward their industry. This style has since been applied across their program, impacting their website and other materials.

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